You Can't Have Me




Well I see the way that you look at me
and i love the way you follow me everywhere I go
we're not a match made in heaven
this you and i both surely must know

but i think about you before i even see you
some things are left better untouched
i know that it breaks your heart when i don't come around every day
and sometimes i can even hear you cry when i get away

i'm sorry secret shopper, we can not be together
not today not tomorrow not on your time not ever
you're a rent-a-pig and i'm a lowly shoplifter
so i do not think that we can be together

I never meant to steal your heart
but when you put a price tag on things i can't tell them apart
you know it doesn't have to be this way
if you just open up your dumpster and let me in today

without your company things would be a paradise
everywhere i go i feel ya there your stare as cold as ice
face blocks every aisle and i just can't get away
thats why i'm not paying for a single fuckin thing today


from Demo, released February 25, 2017



all rights reserved


VULTURE SHOCK Vancouver, British Columbia

Circling down from the skies of coastal BC, this talonted trio are clawing their way to the bottom. Despite being told to stop countless times they strive to carrion. Scavenging styles from mountain folk and street thrash, they are riding the tail feathers of the acoustic punk tradition.
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