What a Dick




You know i aint no gambling man
but i'd bet on definitely not and i bet you that i'd win
and i'm gonna throw it all on one roulette spin
cuz i ain't giving up my life of sin
And jesus christ, man he don't sound like much fun
but what do you expect from an only son
But i could give him a little of my time
if he'd just come on back and turn my water into wine

While we’re on the subject look at all the blood thats been spilled
its a roll of the dice in which gods name you’ll be killed
while the soldiers shoot each other and the clergy drinks from golden cups
you’d think an omnipotent would come and clear this whole mess up
but go damn he’s absent as the rest of the lot
proof of divinity? well that’s a long shot
all modern society absorbed in ancient text
still acting like neanderthals well what the fuck do you expect

god ain’t dead cause god never lived
he’s fairytale he’s fiction he’s pretend
and when you’re dead will you’ve really lived
when you’ve spent all your time trying to impress your imaginary friend
well I think god’s a dick

I know i don't know and no i don't know why
we are so obsessed with where we go when we die
and how we don't see any irony
that we're killing eachother for the same principal beliefs

it makes the point pointless and i hate to point it out
but everyone could use a healthy shot of god-doubt
when there’s nothin there i won’t say i told you so
i’ll just sit back and laugh bitterly, in the mean time though


from Demo, released February 25, 2017



all rights reserved


VULTURE SHOCK Vancouver, British Columbia

Circling down from the skies of coastal BC, this talonted trio are clawing their way to the bottom. Despite being told to stop countless times they strive to carrion. Scavenging styles from mountain folk and street thrash, they are riding the tail feathers of the acoustic punk tradition.

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