Toilet Poetry




everyone today well theyre just a commodity
they’re a product in a market saturated in quantity
and i guess that sits just fine well it sits just fine with me
cause I’m a junk store find you can’t give me away for free

but the bureaucrats smile their pointed tooth grins
at the length of the paper trail
betting on the odds that the system’s so rigged
and we’re all destined to fail
laughin and snickerin as we chase our own tails

I’m not chasin nothin anymore
gonna sit here till I’m full of bedsores
i’ll be growing rust gathering dust
flying a sign that says nowhere or bust
cause graffiti scrawled on a bathroom stall
means more to me than you could ever at all
and it’ll be there long after you fall

sometimes its hard just to budget in a shower
when you’re living hand to mouth
and you’re counting down the hours
in contrast the towers tower, cars they all cower
submitting to their total and unrelenting power

but today we’ll discuss collateral damage
and who is expendable
whats good for the economy
and which market trends we’ll swallow
never mind all that just dangle a carrot and we’ll follow


from Demo, released February 25, 2017



all rights reserved


VULTURE SHOCK Vancouver, British Columbia

Circling down from the skies of coastal BC, this talonted trio are clawing their way to the bottom. Despite being told to stop countless times they strive to carrion. Scavenging styles from mountain folk and street thrash, they are riding the tail feathers of the acoustic punk tradition.
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