Quit yer job




I get up to go to work every single day
my face is rubbed in shit for even shittier pay
I'm a slave
to the customer in distress
to my manager I am trying to impress
but I am not gonna impress him anymore
I'm walking right out the door
and I'm not gonna mop the fucking store
do i look like your little whore?

Washing your windows and you're paying me in soap
for a forty hour work week, how will i ever cope with this wage?
I can barely pay them bills, how will i ever get my thrills?
Everyday seems like i'm working for less,
i'm un-valued, i'm a number at best,
it feels so wrong, it feels like incest, it's time i give this shit a rest!

Am I turning into what I swore I'd always hate?
Sacrificing my soul for these pieces of 8
Sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, so sick of this shit
today i'm sleeping in. Today i fucking quit!
I quit
I quit
Today I fucking quit.

It's not that I hate working, I just hate working here
repetitious, redundant, monotony, year after year drives me insane
And I know the corporate agenda
so get the message i'm trying to send ya
you can work for yourself it's a bigger reward
no stabs from any corporate sword
grow a garden or dumpster dive, it's your own accord
when you're not trying to buy happiness it's easy to afford

Going back to scrounging pennies for a bottle of wine
going back to doing nothing, all the fucking time and i'm free.
I don't need a ton of money, a couple dollars a day is sweet like honey
besides we all work for the wrong reasons
like picking cherries in the wrong season
it's time we stop committing treason!


from Demo, released February 25, 2017



all rights reserved


VULTURE SHOCK Vancouver, British Columbia

Circling down from the skies of coastal BC, this talonted trio are clawing their way to the bottom. Despite being told to stop countless times they strive to carrion. Scavenging styles from mountain folk and street thrash, they are riding the tail feathers of the acoustic punk tradition.

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