I Hate Cops (2017 drunk dance remix)




One day I was drinking in my favorite alleyway barely thinking
I was sipping, enjoying some wine and the morning sunshine
When along came a man, trying to tell me his master plan
about how i should get a job, stop being such a fucking slob
Stop being a bum, society's scum, wasting your life in a gallon drum
and I said, "No, thanks. I'd rather sit on the fence
while you all dig that useless trench." and he walked away.
Didn't even cross my thought, but he must have been an undercover cop
and I must have pissed him off something furious
threw a rock at his wasp nest
cuz the next moment I knew, around the corner a cop car flew
with two piggies looking at me, shaking their heads disappointedly
"We've had complaints, son." I said "I ain't done nothing wrong"
They said "That's what you think." As they grabbed my bottle and dumped my drink
"Into the car you go." I said "I got rights you know!"
As they grabbed my arm and they maced my face
"We don't make laws, we keep em' in place!"

I hate cops.

And the next morning when they let me out
I was so happy I began to shout,
to buy that bottle that departed finish off what I started
Down the street I skipped, on that bottle of sherry I sipped
and thought what a joke the police force is,
ignoring real crimes and picking on kids
Down the street there is a man selling crack
to twelve year old kids like a lunch time snack
and somewhere on the freeway, mass murderers are getting away
And there is a rapist babysitting for you, your daughter she's only two
but the pigs only got eyes for me
and they are coming as soon as they finish their coffee
and take their last bite of muffin. Because they're on diets these days

Are they there to protect and serve?
I think they are there to get on my nerves
I think they are there to protect the wealthy and keep the economy healthy
Safe street act is kicking the poor right out the back door
do they want us dead? I think they might
but they aren't gonna do it without a fight.
Badges, billyclubs, uniforms (tasers,) and guns,
all are tools to wreck my, funny how they go out of their way,
to talk to me every single day, cuz I don't do nothing wrong
besides get drunk and sing this song,
so you can fuck off you fucking pig, hold my sherry while your grave I dig!

I hate cops.

You might not be drinking in some alley
When they decide to come for you.
You might be sitting in your own home
That's why I hate cops and you should too.

I hate cops.


from Demo, released February 25, 2017



all rights reserved


VULTURE SHOCK Vancouver, British Columbia

Circling down from the skies of coastal BC, this talonted trio are clawing their way to the bottom. Despite being told to stop countless times they strive to carrion. Scavenging styles from mountain folk and street thrash, they are riding the tail feathers of the acoustic punk tradition.

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