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released February 25, 2017



all rights reserved


VULTURE SHOCK Vancouver, British Columbia

Circling down from the skies of coastal BC, this talonted trio are clawing their way to the bottom. Despite being told to stop countless times they strive to carrion. Scavenging styles from mountain folk and street thrash, they are riding the tail feathers of the acoustic punk tradition.
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Track Name: Shit Ticket Rag
Kicked awake in the mornin, got ticketed for snoring
police were making their morning park rounds
i knew that it was unfair but arguing would get me nowhere
so i put on my trousers and headed on downtown
then i noticed this po-lice guy giving me the stink eye
he was wearin a pork chop frown
patted my pockets even the one on my chest
till i found enough change for some breakfast
but i seen the red and blues just as soon as i set my bag down
he said "son you cant sit here" i said "sure i can i'm a paying customer"
with stern authority he told me loitering's a misdemeanour
and when he gave me the fine i knew i would not get to dine
believe me, i get this shit all the time

but i digress, it don't matter what they say i did
i'll never pay no fine but thanks for all the ass-wipe, pig

All these charges laid here built up steadily over all these years
i forgot about them and kept on making my way
but all those tickets used to wipe my ass
it turns out they still want the cash
and they'll hold my life hostage to try and make me pay
no, it never made no sense but they put those tickets on my license
you know there's always gonna be a catch
rather than give up my stash i filled a jerry can with gas
went to icbc and i struck up a match

cause fuck that! i'll still use those tickets to wipe my ass
you tried to make me pay, but it doesn't mean that i will ever change
Track Name: You Can't Have Me
Well I see the way that you look at me
and i love the way you follow me everywhere I go
we're not a match made in heaven
this you and i both surely must know

but i think about you before i even see you
some things are left better untouched
i know that it breaks your heart when i don't come around every day
and sometimes i can even hear you cry when i get away

i'm sorry secret shopper, we can not be together
not today not tomorrow not on your time not ever
you're a rent-a-pig and i'm a lowly shoplifter
so i do not think that we can be together

I never meant to steal your heart
but when you put a price tag on things i can't tell them apart
you know it doesn't have to be this way
if you just open up your dumpster and let me in today

without your company things would be a paradise
everywhere i go i feel ya there your stare as cold as ice
face blocks every aisle and i just can't get away
thats why i'm not paying for a single fuckin thing today
Track Name: Toilet Poetry
everyone today well theyre just a commodity
they’re a product in a market saturated in quantity
and i guess that sits just fine well it sits just fine with me
cause I’m a junk store find you can’t give me away for free

but the bureaucrats smile their pointed tooth grins
at the length of the paper trail
betting on the odds that the system’s so rigged
and we’re all destined to fail
laughin and snickerin as we chase our own tails

I’m not chasin nothin anymore
gonna sit here till I’m full of bedsores
i’ll be growing rust gathering dust
flying a sign that says nowhere or bust
cause graffiti scrawled on a bathroom stall
means more to me than you could ever at all
and it’ll be there long after you fall

sometimes its hard just to budget in a shower
when you’re living hand to mouth
and you’re counting down the hours
in contrast the towers tower, cars they all cower
submitting to their total and unrelenting power

but today we’ll discuss collateral damage
and who is expendable
whats good for the economy
and which market trends we’ll swallow
never mind all that just dangle a carrot and we’ll follow
Track Name: What a Dick
You know i aint no gambling man
but i'd bet on definitely not and i bet you that i'd win
and i'm gonna throw it all on one roulette spin
cuz i ain't giving up my life of sin
And jesus christ, man he don't sound like much fun
but what do you expect from an only son
But i could give him a little of my time
if he'd just come on back and turn my water into wine

While we’re on the subject look at all the blood thats been spilled
its a roll of the dice in which gods name you’ll be killed
while the soldiers shoot each other and the clergy drinks from golden cups
you’d think an omnipotent would come and clear this whole mess up
but go damn he’s absent as the rest of the lot
proof of divinity? well that’s a long shot
all modern society absorbed in ancient text
still acting like neanderthals well what the fuck do you expect

god ain’t dead cause god never lived
he’s fairytale he’s fiction he’s pretend
and when you’re dead will you’ve really lived
when you’ve spent all your time trying to impress your imaginary friend
well I think god’s a dick

I know i don't know and no i don't know why
we are so obsessed with where we go when we die
and how we don't see any irony
that we're killing eachother for the same principal beliefs

it makes the point pointless and i hate to point it out
but everyone could use a healthy shot of god-doubt
when there’s nothin there i won’t say i told you so
i’ll just sit back and laugh bitterly, in the mean time though
Track Name: Quit yer job
I get up to go to work every single day
my face is rubbed in shit for even shittier pay
I'm a slave
to the customer in distress
to my manager I am trying to impress
but I am not gonna impress him anymore
I'm walking right out the door
and I'm not gonna mop the fucking store
do i look like your little whore?

Washing your windows and you're paying me in soap
for a forty hour work week, how will i ever cope with this wage?
I can barely pay them bills, how will i ever get my thrills?
Everyday seems like i'm working for less,
i'm un-valued, i'm a number at best,
it feels so wrong, it feels like incest, it's time i give this shit a rest!

Am I turning into what I swore I'd always hate?
Sacrificing my soul for these pieces of 8
Sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, so sick of this shit
today i'm sleeping in. Today i fucking quit!
I quit
I quit
Today I fucking quit.

It's not that I hate working, I just hate working here
repetitious, redundant, monotony, year after year drives me insane
And I know the corporate agenda
so get the message i'm trying to send ya
you can work for yourself it's a bigger reward
no stabs from any corporate sword
grow a garden or dumpster dive, it's your own accord
when you're not trying to buy happiness it's easy to afford

Going back to scrounging pennies for a bottle of wine
going back to doing nothing, all the fucking time and i'm free.
I don't need a ton of money, a couple dollars a day is sweet like honey
besides we all work for the wrong reasons
like picking cherries in the wrong season
it's time we stop committing treason!
Track Name: 1312 Year of the Dead Pig
I'd like to pitch a plan to the problem plaguing me and you
this infestation of boys in blue
We'll have ourselves a piggy roast, we'll eat that pork with beans on toast
we'll start out at the doughnut shop when hunting for the heads of cops
If you see us coming you better run, run, run,
if you're dumb enough to don a badge and gun, gun, gun
We'll slit your throat, skew you on a stake, a dead cop can't retaliate
in the middle of town there is a great big pile,
you can see it for miles and miles...

But I don't eat pork..
Too bad!

Kill the police, eat their bodies,
so they can't come back as zombies
shish-ka-dead-cop, yum yum yum

Next we'll torture every five-o for a confession
bout every time they had to teach someone a lesson
But none will live, we'll spare no one
some will be shot with their own gun
or handcuffed to a great big tree and tasered until their eyes do bleed
Then we'll build a great big bonfire
to cook all the pork that the force did hire
Everyone will come to the fire so bright
we'll feast on officer stew all night,
we'll drink the blood, dance a jig, sing our song to every roasting pig!

Is it kosher?
Who cares!

Kill the police, eat their bodies
so they can't come back as zombies
Shish-ka-dead-cop, yum, yum, yum

When morning comes, the townsfolk can't believe
they no longer live under tyranny.
"Hooray!" They cry. "Every cop is dead!
And to boot we were all well fed."
They wish to thank this mysterious gang for a job well done
But no one will find us, it will seem that we've vanished
It will seem that we have gone
But our memory will linger on
Every time they sing this song.

And they all sing...
We're going to

Kill the police, eat their bodies
so they can't come back as zombies
Shish-ka-dead-cop, yum, yum, yum
Track Name: I Hate Cops (2017 drunk dance remix)
One day I was drinking in my favorite alleyway barely thinking
I was sipping, enjoying some wine and the morning sunshine
When along came a man, trying to tell me his master plan
about how i should get a job, stop being such a fucking slob
Stop being a bum, society's scum, wasting your life in a gallon drum
and I said, "No, thanks. I'd rather sit on the fence
while you all dig that useless trench." and he walked away.
Didn't even cross my thought, but he must have been an undercover cop
and I must have pissed him off something furious
threw a rock at his wasp nest
cuz the next moment I knew, around the corner a cop car flew
with two piggies looking at me, shaking their heads disappointedly
"We've had complaints, son." I said "I ain't done nothing wrong"
They said "That's what you think." As they grabbed my bottle and dumped my drink
"Into the car you go." I said "I got rights you know!"
As they grabbed my arm and they maced my face
"We don't make laws, we keep em' in place!"

I hate cops.

And the next morning when they let me out
I was so happy I began to shout,
to buy that bottle that departed finish off what I started
Down the street I skipped, on that bottle of sherry I sipped
and thought what a joke the police force is,
ignoring real crimes and picking on kids
Down the street there is a man selling crack
to twelve year old kids like a lunch time snack
and somewhere on the freeway, mass murderers are getting away
And there is a rapist babysitting for you, your daughter she's only two
but the pigs only got eyes for me
and they are coming as soon as they finish their coffee
and take their last bite of muffin. Because they're on diets these days

Are they there to protect and serve?
I think they are there to get on my nerves
I think they are there to protect the wealthy and keep the economy healthy
Safe street act is kicking the poor right out the back door
do they want us dead? I think they might
but they aren't gonna do it without a fight.
Badges, billyclubs, uniforms (tasers,) and guns,
all are tools to wreck my, funny how they go out of their way,
to talk to me every single day, cuz I don't do nothing wrong
besides get drunk and sing this song,
so you can fuck off you fucking pig, hold my sherry while your grave I dig!

I hate cops.

You might not be drinking in some alley
When they decide to come for you.
You might be sitting in your own home
That's why I hate cops and you should too.

I hate cops.
Track Name: Belligerent Wretch
No leftover powder and a pair of bloodshot eyes
Fuzzy, patch laden memory, well it comes as no surprise
I don't need no hair of the dog, I'm gonna need the whole damn hide
and a dark little corner where I can confide.

Now I'm not saying that it won't ever happen again
Because it can.
And it will.
Now it's just a matter of prolonging the inevitable
with another can. With another swill

Guess I'll just worry about it tomorrow when my head is pounding
So wet brained well, I think I'm drowning
Gag reflex, bad case of the shakes
Guess i'll never learn from my mistakes.

Think I smoked my weight in those dirty old cigarettes
I've been quit ten years now but I always seem to forget
and if I smell a (insert awful beer here) I'm just gonna wretch
It's a sickness I don't want to have to catch

Now I'm looking for some sort of cure
like beer and clam, a handful of pills
But the best solution always seems to come
from a clan that owns a still.

Guess I'll just worry about it tomorrow when my head is pounding
So wet brained, well, I think I'm drowning
Gag reflex, bad case of the shakes
Guess I'll never learn from my mistakes.